We All Start the Same

It’s a few days away from the start of a new year. Everyone is excited. People are excited to get a fresh start. They are setting new goals, starting a new project, organizing – you name it. It’s a new year and everyone is ready for a new beginning.

One thing I like about the “new craze” is that everyone – EVERYONE – starts on the same level. For example, I like to scrapbook (I just never have time to do it anymore). When I start a new layout in my scrapbook I begin with a blank page. Everyone who scrapbooks begins with a blank page. What you do with it depends on your experience, your tools and how creative you’re willing to be. Each of our final products will be different but we all start out the same way.

On January 1, 2018, at the stroke of midnight, every single person will start the year with the same amount of days, weeks, hours. For a small moment of time, we are all in the same place – in the same boat – facing our new 365 days for the first time. I ponder that one small moment; that beginning of something new that each one of us is experiencing at the same time. I like to think that for one small moment we are all equal – as if we’re all at the starting line of a big race. On level ground.

Maybe that’s the excitement of the celebrations on New Year’s Eve – staying awake to usher in the new year and catching that one moment when we’re all at the same time, the same place, experiencing the one small moment of the beginning of something great. A new beginning. What will you do with the moments you are handed with in 2018?

No matter what the moment brings, treasure each one.

Love and Light!

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